About Me


           Hello! My full name is Bianca Darminio. I was born in raised in Mohegan Lake, NY and currently reside there. I earned my Bachelors degree in Business Marketing from Pace University and went to obtain my Masters of Childhood Education once I  came to a major realization: I must be teaching children, I must use my creativity to nurture their minds and souls, I must build up the confidence of these young thinkers, and I must learn from them as they learn from me—I must become a master of teaching.

            All it takes is one special teacher to change a person’s life forever. Kindness, compassion and positivity can profoundly impact a student’s way of thinking and can change their mindset for the better. I am a teacher who instills confidence, honesty and respect into all my students, constantly reminding them that their truly is no limit to what they can accomplish through hard work. I want to be that one person who believes in them, even when they think that no one does.

                            It is an educator’s duty to present and teach this content in a meaningful and understandable way for all different types of learners. Education is an art in which students and teachers explore the world together, use real materials, make connections, apply scenarios to real life, and ultimately see things in a whole new light.  The art of teaching digs much deeper than just pouring knowledge into the brains of the young and old, in my eyes. The personal values, style, craft, training, and overall energy of your teacher are reflected onto his or hers students. As a teacher, my biggest goal will to be to make sure my students want to come to class. I loved learning as a child, and I have my elementary school teachers to thank for that. It was enjoyable, and didn’t seem like work to me. Early childhood educators majorly impact how children feel about learning, so during these crucial years it is our duty to make sure we make learning relatable, worthwhile, and not a chore.

            I have chose to join the respected field of education because I find it to be the most fulfilling career path for me. All children do not learn in the same manner.  It is my duty and privilege to explore and implement various methods of teaching with an eye towards determining what method works most effectively for each individual student. It is essential to my personal growth as a reflective practitioner. I intend to provide my students with real world examples in order to help them make connections to their own lives. In doing so I hope to promote a balance between the rights of individuals and the needs of society, equal protection under the law, fairness in the distribution and use of recourses, and equal access to opportunities. Social justice will never be overlooked in my classroom. Interactive learning by use of groups and technology were some of my favorite methods of learning as a student. 

           I find it vital to communicate with the parents of my students in order to stay up to date on their life, so please keep this in mind as we embark on the upcoming school year, together. Uplift your child and encourage them to always try their best. Having a positive support system can truly make or break them at this crucial stage.   The sky is the limit!